Introducing the 2017 - 2018 Tuesdays Together Leadership Board!

Please help us welcome the first Tuesdays Together Board Members!  Dorothy and Sarah are excited to be building this community.  With our massive growing meetups and now our nearly 400 member Facebook group, we need more hands!  

Feel free to reach out to them if you have any ideas for future meet ups or other ways that Tuesdays Together can be better involved in our Memphis creative community!

Membership Chairs - Emily Wickliff & Jenna Bostick

Photography - Kristen Archer

Food & Beverage - Leslie Tiscia

Outreach - Erika Roberts & Andy Torres

Secretary - Natalie Meagan Barnes

Wedding Small Group Chair - Ashley Garrison

Culinary Small Group Chair - Nichole Reed

Graphic Design Small Group Chairs - Emily Harvey & Kimberly Provo

Painters Small Group Chairs - Whitney Winkler & Deanna Hamsley

Makers Small Group Chair - Patrick Spicer


Dorothy CollierComment