February Member of the Month :: Mary Claire White

We're so thrilled to introduce you to our seventh Member-of-the-Month, Mary Claire White! Mary Claire has built a multiple successful businesses, is a leader in the maker community in Memphis and is an integral member of Rising Tide Community - as a member and meetup host in 2017! Mary Claire's main business is Falling into Place, a beautifully curated brick-and-mortar shop in the trendy Broad Ave Arts District in Memphis. She's also created a successful candle line, Falling into Place Candles, which are sold in her shop, online, and in stores around the country. Mary Claire is a connector, innovator, true creative and we are SO grateful to be able to feature her on the blog! 

Each member-of-the-month answers five questions for our blog- the first three are standard questions we ask everyone, and the last two are specific to each creative entrepreneur. We hope you love Mary Claire's answers!


What is your favorite part of being a creative (or creative entrepreneur) in Memphis?

I am a native Memphian so there is a huge sense of pride that comes with owning a business here. I can't imagine a life where I am not creating. Making money being creative is a dream come true!


What is your favorite part of your creative business?

I don't answer to anyone! I have full creative control of every part of my business and that is priceless!


What would you tell yourself if you could go back in time to your first day of starting a business?

The building inspections are not that big of a deal!


Falling into Place is such a gorgeous, welcoming environment- where do you get your design/aesthetic from? Where do you go for inspiration for your shop?

My aesthetic is very personal. I have always enjoyed finding interesting and unusual items for myself and my home. My store allows me to bring those finds to my customers!


You've had so many successful collaborations with other artists and makers, especially within your candles- what is your top piece of advice for other makers looking to collaborate? What fuels a good collaboration?

Mutual respect and admiration is a good place to start. Being open to ideas is important, and making sure you are fair to yourself and the others involved.


Thanks so much, Mary Claire!!