August Member(s) of the Month : Josh and Aleah Looney of 3eight Photography

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We're so thrilled to introduce you to our fourth Member(s)-of-the-Month, Josh and Aleah Looney! Aleah and Josh have built a well-known and respected brand in Memphis and the wedding community with their wedding photography. Their wedding clients rave about their service and experience, and their authentic social media and website presence are refreshing and approachable. They treasure the experience of working with other couples, and bring the perfect perspective for our theme for the month of August : Client Experience! As you'll read in this interview- wedding photography isn't just about poufy dresses and white cakes for them- they love being part of an important day in the life of a couple, and preserving the memories for a lifetime. And obviously, their work can speak for itself!! We can't wait for you to meet Aleah and Josh!! 

Each member-of-the-month answers five questions for our blog- the first three are standard questions we ask everyone, and the last two are specific to each creative entrepreneur. We hope you love Aleah and Josh's answers! 

Aleah in action

Aleah in action

RTS: What is your favorite part of being a creative (or creative entrepreneur) in Memphis? 

Memphis has an amazing network of talented and passionate creative professionals!  Anything our couples dream up, there's someone who can execute it flawlessly.  

RTS: What is your favorite part of your creative business? 

For us, everything we do points back to relationships.  Working with couples who are getting married puts us as witnesses and friends at a really cool juncture in their lives and we get to see some really important moments in their relationship as a couple - not just their engagement and wedding but often we see graduations, careers, houses & babies too.  On wedding day we get to document their relationships with their families and their chosen families and it's really fulfilling for us to know we're telling a story about where these two people come from, where they are right now, and where they're going together!

RTS: What would you tell yourself if you could go back in time to your first day of starting a business? 

Work from the top down: Figure out why, then what, then how.  If something is not true to why you're in business, don't do it!  Do less, but do it better.

RTS: You guys seem to be such an incredible team! Any tips for working with your spouse? 

There are a couple things that everyone will tell you - like make sure you make "non-work" time for each other, learn how to give and receive constructive feedback, and make sure you always speak positively about one another.  Those are essential, and you should definitely do those things!  

I would say our biggest tip is to make sure you get time away from each other, too.  When you work away from one other, you have work and coworkers and whatever you do on your lunch break to stimulate your mind and then to talk about at night when you're brushing your teeth.  When you work together, it's easy to forget to be separate people, too.  Go do something by yourself - make interesting tooth-brushing conversation!

RTS: In your welcome video on your website, you talk about getting to know your couples and becoming friends with them, which we love! How did you guys start to find your ideal client? Or maybe- how did you get them to start finding you? 

This is something we spend a lot of time thinking about, but we find that often the couples who are the most excited to meet us are the ones who heard about us from someone personally.  Whether it comes from another couple or a wedding vendor, the personal referral from someone who's already in our circle means way more than anything we can say on our website.

Thank you SO much Leah and Josh for your incredible and inspiring responses!! If you'd like to read more from Aleah and Josh, check out their blog!

To find or book Aleah and Josh, head over to their website, gorgeous instagram page, or facebook page!! (or shoot them an email at

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