PHILANTHROPY MONTH :: Carpenter Art Garden!

Sarah and Dorothy here, popping in to let you guys know about our philanthropy game plan! About a month ago we launched a poll in our Facebook group asking which Memphis-based philanthropy we should focus on in the month of November.  SO, drumroll please, the winner of the vote was Carpenter Art Garden! Hooray! the folks at the Garden are doing SO MUCH for the children (and adults) of Binghampton and Memphis and we're thrilled and honored to be working with them.

After chatting with the amazing folks over there, we felt that we could help in two ways: to organize small groups of volunteers during multiple of their Tuesday afternoon gatherings and to help them fundraise for sweatshirts! 

CarpenterArts RTS2 -01.jpg

So what does this mean for you? There are two ways to get involved : by volunteering and/or by donating!

Carpenter Art Garden.jpg

Volunteering Info

So that we don't overwhelm them, they'll need 5 volunteers each regular-gathering Tuesday, except on special party days where they'll need 10. Here's the schedule: 

Nov 7 (5 volunteers) 

Nov 14 (5 volunteers) 

Nov 21  (Thanksgiving Party - 10 volunteers) 

Nov 28 (5 volunteers) 

Dec 5 (5 volunteers) 

Dec 12 (Christmas Party - 10 volunteers) 

They would also love if we could provide a healthy snack each time we go for about 30 kids. 

You can sign-up for one of the time slots here:

Dorothy and I won't be able to be there every Tuesday but all 5 volunteers will have assigned jobs from the staff. If you can come more than once, all the better!! 

Donation Info

We'll be fundraising to buy 120 kids Carpenter Art Garden sweatshirts for their Christmas gift!  In years past they've received shirts and hats.  These gifts are items that they wear proudly!  They've been asking for sweatshirts and we're so excited to be gifting it to them!  Our goal is to raise $1,000 so that all the children can receive a Carpenter Art Garden sweatshirt. 

That's an easy target with our huge group!  Donate through the Carpenter Art Garden link here and put "Tuesdays Together sweatshirt" in the memo line before checkout.

Thank you SO MUCH for all the support and excitement around this philanthropy effort already!! We can't wait to get involved with Carpenter Art Garden and come alongside them as they use art to change Memphis for the better. 

Sarah and Dorothy