July Member of the Month : Kristin Wolter-Canfield of Everbloom Design

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We're so thrilled to introduce you to our third Member-of-the-Month, Kristin Wolter-Canfield! Kristin has built a business of not only incredible floral design, but also education, workshops and artistic direction. Her ability to collaborate with brides and create breathtaking pieces has completely blown us away, and we've been thrilled to have her be such a supportive and collaborative member of the Memphis chapter. She was one of the brave souls at our very first meetups! If you aren't already, RUN to follow her colorful and inspiring instagram feed and her gorgeous website. Thank you so much for your thoughful responses, Kristin! 

Each member-of-the-month answers five questions for our blog- the first three are standard questions we ask everyone, and the last two are specific to each creative entrepreneur. We hope you love Kristin's answers! 

What is your favorite part of being a creative (or creative entrepreneur) in Memphis?

I love the creative energy of Memphis. It is so inspiring to see so many people connected by a common goal of creating beauty and art. I am personally inspired by different mediums and there is no shortage of of inspiration in our community.

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What is your favorite part of your creative business?

I love being a part of such an important day in a couples life. I am able to translate into flowers the celebration of their union.

What would you tell yourself if you could go back in time to your first day of starting a business?

Don't listen to the negative non supportive chatter in your head. Don't compare your beginning to someone else's now.

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All of your work is so gorgeous and seems to so perfectly match the mood of the wedding. How do you go about taking direction from brides, while also having your own artistic input? Any tips for successful client collaborations?

Thanks!! Most of my couples find me on Instagram. So they are familiar with my style and brand. I do start off with a questionnaire that has a series of questions about not only the venue, date, etc. But includes questions about them, how they met, their interests, and words to describe how they want their wedding to feel not just look. I ask to see their Pinterest boards, not only about the wedding but other topics too like home design, fashion etc. This really gives me insight about them and what they are like. From that I create a mood board that shows them how I translated all that into what I believe will work for me and them. If we don't jive on the look I will work to come up with other ideas. However if a couple wants symmetrical and no greenery, I am not the designer for them. I will recommend other wonderful designers who may fit their style a bit better. I found it really important for me to be excited about a design and that it is draining and not worth it if it something that doesn't fit my aesthetic. In the beginning I took every job I could. I worked really hard to build a brand and now I am able to stick to it.

You've been teaching workshops for a while now, and they always seem to be such a huge success. When did you start teaching floral design, and what is your favorite part of those classes?

I decided to start teaching classes about three years ago. I not only wanted to share my love of floral design but see tremendous value in the creative process. Even if you don't think you are creative you gain so much benefit from just trying and bending your brain in the creative direction. Pushing yourself to do new things translates to other aspects of your life and in turn enriching your life! That is my most favorite part of teaching. Watching how much fun the students have in the process and how satisfied they are with their end results. It brings me so much joy!

(to find out more about her upcoming workshops, follow along on her instagram! That's the first place they'll be posted!) 

Thanks SO much to Kristin for her incredibly inspiring responses (and did you check out her work?? ALLL the heart eyes)

You can find Kristin on instagram, on facebook, and on her own website! To read the May Member of the Month interview (woodworker Patrick Spicer), click here! or to read the June Member of the Month interview (artist Jessica Tinsley), click here