Rising Tide Society Memphis

2018 - 2019 Chapter Leadership Nominations

Deadline to apply, September 12th.  Acceptance will be notified in late September.


Visit Leadership Position Descriptions and Expectations here

Photography Chair
Membership Chair
Outreach Chair
Social Media Chair
Small Group Leaders

We are thrilled to share with you Friends of Rising Tide Society Memphis

Small group leaders will now be selected based off of their engagement with other creative niche groups in our city. These small group leaders will be a liaison between Rising Tide and their niche group, sharing upcoming events from the niche group at our meetups and within our Rising Tide community online and in person. They will also be a familiar Rising Tide face for other Rising Tide members that would like to attend those niche creative events. (Ex: A graphic designer shares at Rising Tide meetups what Creative Works events are coming up, a wedding vendor shares with us what's happening with Memphis Wedding Professionals). We are excited about this, as Rising Tide is here to "lift all boats" and support the already great things creatives are doing in our city.

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Nominee's Name (You CAN nominate yourself!)
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